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Shanghai CAREUS Medical Product Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of medical and sports skin care products based in Shanghai, China. Our product portfolio features a broad selection of CAREUS® brand skin and wound care tapes, bandages, and sports tapes. We are also specialized in contract manufacturing for your outsourcing needs. Over the years our products have been exported to USA, Germany, Japan, France, and Southeast Asian countries with a rapid growing customer base.

Our team drives quality and performance from the backing material selection, adhesive application, to the end product specifications. The backing materials and pressure sensitive adhesives used for production are exclusively supplied by our factory in Chengdu, China while the adhesive dispensing and end product manufacturing take place at our Shanghai factory. Equipped with highly experienced technicians and engineers at both sites, we are constantly innovating new products, streamlining business operations, and striving to provide high quality products and services to meet customer needs.

Thanks you for taking the time to check out our products and services. The selection of quality base materials, advanced dispensing processes, and strict quality management system enable us to offer superior products at competitive prices. Give CAREUS® a try, and find out why we are the fastest growing manufacturer in the industry. You can count on the CAREUS team as your quality supplier for a win-win partnership. We highly appreciate your business and will make every effort to keep our customers satisfied.

Shanghai CAREUS® Medical Product Co., Ltd.  上海优适卫生材料有限公司